Cackling Geese at WildCare

Unusual geese get a second chance at WildCare When a rescuer said that the Canada Goose she’d found had been hit and rolled by not just one but two cars, WildCare Medical Staff knew to expect a large bird, probably … Continued

Red Crossbill at WildCare

When WildCare Medical Staff wraps a songbird’s injured wing, they don’t generally expect to come back the next day and find the wrap scissored to pieces. But that’s what happened with this Red Crossbill! The unique scissor bill is specially … Continued

Orphaned Baby Opossums in October

The baby Virginia Opossum in the video above came to WildCare after a very traumatic experience. At this age, she and her siblings would have been riding on their mother’s back, learning the ways of the world while mom foraged … Continued

Bobcat Kitten at WildCare

When WildCare Medical Staff got the call from the Marin Humane officer that she was bringing in an orphaned Bobcat kitten, they expected a lanky juvenile, probably hit by a car. True wild kittens don’t usually leave their den and … Continued

Skunk Babies in Care at WildCare

Five baby skunks arrived at the Wildlife Hospital after being rescued from a freeway on-ramp! Fortunately a driver saw the five little skunks, tails high, marching up the on-ramp and managed to catch them before they got into oncoming traffic. … Continued

Orphaned Baby Songbirds at WildCare

Feed me! Please never attempt to raise a baby bird on your own! Babies like this Dark-eyed Junco need very specialized care to grow up healthy and wild. Always bring any baby wildlife you find to a licensed wildlife care … Continued

Baby Birds Big and Small at WildCare

It’s official! Spring has arrived, and with it, baby birds fallen from their nests and needing help in WildCare’s Wildlife Hospital. According to our Birdroom Manager, the majority of the 20 baby Western Scrub Jays currently in our care fell … Continued

Coyote Baby at WildCare

This tiny coyote pup’s rescuers had seen a female coyote in the area a few hours before he was found. They said they saw her carrying something in her mouth… maybe a pup? Sometimes a mother coyote will decide that … Continued