Baby Squirrel with a Broken Leg

This young Western Gray Squirrel fell from his nest and then was caught by a dog.

He arrived at the Wildlife Hospital with a severely broken leg.

In the photo below, the young squirrel’s leg is immobilized in a plastic cast normally used to heal pigeons with broken legs.

Click the first photo below to see the images and read the story in the captions!

Watch the little squirrel in the video below learning how to climb and explore despite the large splint!


Click the first photo below to see the images and read the story in the captions!


A week after the splint had been removed, our injured squirrel and his fellow orphaned sibling are ready to move into the “Big Squirrel” cage!

This is an exciting moment for a young animal– watch in the video below as these youngsters “tooth-test” everything, climb everywhere, and scare themselves with all the new things to explore!

Two weeks later, and the squirrel has regained excellent use of his leg!

He and his sibling will spend at least another couple of weeks in care honing their climbing skills, and then they will be released back to the wild!

Watch in the video below as these two tussle for a piece of corn. Never mind that there are three other pieces in their bowl… both of them want THAT piece!

Our recovering squirrel patient is the one who holds onto the corn– he doesn’t have any problem standing on the leg or fighting off his brother!

Here’s another short video of our little patient using his leg to climb. He’s definitely on his way to recovery!

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4 Responses to “Baby Squirrel with a Broken Leg”

  1. Ann

    Great squirrel videos. Great job on the leg!

  2. Norma Campbell

    Great pictures, great story, terrific rehab job. Wish we all had vets and staff like you have. Some other place would have put him down as they could not do what you did or its would be too much trouble. Lucky little Squirrel. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Bonnie Noehr

    Loved watching these videos, especially as I rarely see a Western Gray! Nice you had two. Anyway, we all know that the other guy’s piece of corn (avocado, cherry…) is the tastier morsel.

  4. Lynda Pearson

    Thank goodness you are there. I had to laugh. I had to share. Life is good and sometimes, so simple.


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