Squirrels, Skunks, Opossums — Oh My!

It’s April, and wildlife baby season is here! Whether it’s a nest of baby squirrels cut out of a tree, tiny newborn baby skunks brought to us after their mother died from poison, or young opossums arriving in the pouch … Continued

First Orphaned Baby Skunk of 2018

WildCare admitted our first orphaned baby skunk of the season yesterday! This tiny Striped Skunk was found after the storage container under which his mother had made her den was moved. Rescuers were unable to reunite him with his mother, … Continued

A Phone Call Can Save a Tiny Life!

 If you ever find yourself in the position to rescue a wild animal, you’ll want expert help. Fortunately, WildCare’s Living with Wildlife Hotline (415-456-7283 (SAVE) is here, and the fact that our experts can guide you through helping a … Continued

Never Use Glue Traps!

 This Western Scrub Jay probably thought he’d hit the jackpot when he saw a black tray full of bread and chocolate chips in the yard. What a treat! As corvids do, he probably hopped down for a closer look, … Continued

The First Baby Squirrels of 2018

It’s only March 1, but WildCare admitted our first tiny orphaned squirrels of 2018 last week. Like all of the hundreds of orphaned baby animals we will admit this spring, these little ones needed immediate care. You can help! These newborn … Continued

Adult Squirrels in Care at WildCare

The modern world is a challenging place to be a wild animal. These squirrels’ stories illustrate the hazards an animal must navigate on a daily basis to get food, find shelter and simply survive. In January alone, WildCare has admitted … Continued

This Sparrow Needed to Be Rescued Twice!

White-crowned Sparrows are hardy little migrants that can be commonly seen in backyards across the United States. With distinctive white and black stripes on their heads, they’re easy to identify as they hop through your yard looking for seeds, berries … Continued