Baby Squirrel with a Broken Leg

This young Western Gray Squirrel fell from his nest and then was caught by a dog. He arrived at the Wildlife Hospital with a severely broken leg. In the photo below, the young squirrel’s leg is immobilized in a plastic … Continued

Baby White-tailed Kites

As you know, at this time of year WildCare’s Raptor Rescue and Reunite team is kept busy putting fallen baby raptors back in their nests. You can help! Most of the time our reunite efforts are wonderfully successful and nest … Continued

This Tiny Fawn Needed Help!

Sometimes it is a very odd circumstance that brings an injured or orphaned animal into WildCare’s Wildlife Hospital. In the case of this Black-tailed Deer fawn, a man who didn’t speak English walked up to a Marin County Parks Ranger … Continued

Baby Great Horned Owl

‘Tis the season for baby raptors! Every May and June, WildCare’s Wildlife Hospital and our raptor reunite volunteers are kept busy with fluffy, fallen baby birds of prey. You can help! If they’re healthy and uninjured from their fall from … Continued

A Flood of Opossums at WildCare

Our poor Opossum Foster Care Team! With 33 opossums currently in care, these dedicated volunteers aren’t getting a lot of sleep, and our opossum resources are stretched to the limit. Read these babies’ story in photos (click each photo to … Continued

Make Way for Ducklings

Make Way for Ducklings VIDEO: These ducklings are enjoying a bit of water time while their brooder is being cleaned and their food refreshed. ________________________________________________________________________________ Ten fluffy babies were rescued from a waterway in Larkspur. Residents nearby had watched the … Continued

Squirrels, Skunks, Opossums — Oh My!

It’s April, and wildlife baby season is here! Whether it’s a nest of baby squirrels cut out of a tree, tiny newborn baby skunks brought to us after their mother died from poison, or young opossums arriving in the pouch … Continued

First Orphaned Baby Skunk of 2018

WildCare admitted our first orphaned baby skunk of the season yesterday! This tiny Striped Skunk was found after the storage container under which his mother had made her den was moved. Rescuers were unable to reunite him with his mother, … Continued

A Phone Call Can Save a Tiny Life!

 If you ever find yourself in the position to rescue a wild animal, you’ll want expert help. Fortunately, WildCare’s Living with Wildlife Hotline (415-456-7283 (SAVE) is here, and the fact that our experts can guide you through helping a … Continued