Watch for Wildlife!

As Shelter-in-Place Restrictions Lift, Watch for Wildlife! WildCare’s Wildlife Hospital has been incredibly busy during the COVID-19 pandemic. On just one day last week, we admitted 38 animals needing our care. This is partially because people are home to see … Continued

Funny, Blue-eyed baby Crows

One of the most important jobs we have at WildCare is to teach the orphaned wild babies that are in our care the skills they’ll need to survive in the wild. The first step in that process is to get … Continued

Tangled Gopher Snakes

It’s not easy being a snake in our neighborhoods, even though snakes actually make great neighbors! Gopher Snakes like these eat primarily rodents, with other small animals and even eggs on their menu when they can find them. They will … Continued

Baby Birds Big and Small at WildCare

Did you know WildCare’s Wildlife Hospital treats over 200 different species of wildlife? During spring and summer’s baby season, we admit over 1,200 baby birds, all needing specialized care for their particular species. It really is amazing how different baby … Continued

WildCare’s Wildlife Hospital During COVID-19

Despite the dramatic changes to life as we know it due to COVID-19, WildCare’s work continues. If you’ve ever rescued an injured or orphaned wild animal, you know how essential WildCare is! Fortunately, under the shelter-in-place guidelines for Marin County, … Continued

Volunteers Behind the Scenes

 Many of the rescuers who bring injured or orphaned animals to WildCare ask to see what goes on behind the front desk. For our patients’ safety and welfare, our license from the California Department of Fish & Wildlife does … Continued

Raccoon Medical Mystery

Article by Juliana Sorem, DVM, Melanie Piazza and Alison Hermance  In this video, Dr. Amy Allen explores the raccoon’s nasal passages endoscopically while WildCare’s Brittany Morse monitors the raccoon under anesthesia. Upon his intake at WildCare’s Wildlife Hospital, our … Continued

Skunk Caught in a Dryer Vent

Who knows what this large and healthy adult skunk was seeking when he squeezed under a Mill Valley home. Due to the lack of natural denning spaces in our urban and suburban neighborhoods, skunks will seek shelter under structures and … Continued