Fixing a Great Horned Owl’s Feathers

 The video above shows the whole procedure speeded up significantly. Scroll down for a slower version   Badly damaged flight feathers are a death sentence for bird like this Great Horned Owl. If he couldn’t fly or hunt, this … Continued

Don’t Give Me That Line!

The Dangers of Fishing Line to Wildlife Among the most heartbreaking wildlife cases we see in WildCare’s Wildlife Hospital are those that could easily have been prevented. Prime examples of such preventable suffering are those patients that have become tangled … Continued

Great Blue Heron Tangled in Fishing Line

Fishing line and hooks would have killed this Great Blue Heron Every day, WildCare’s Wildlife Hospital sees the dangers of improperly disposed-of fishing line and tackle. Located as we are in Marin County, many of our patients are denizens of … Continued

Orphaned Baby Raccoons at WildCare

Watch these orphaned baby raccoons grow up at WildCare! These stunning photos and videos and the commentary on their care and development were all shared by their foster care provider, volunteer Raccoon Foster Care Specialist, Shelly Ross. Newborn (1 or … Continued

Fluffy-headed Baby Songbirds at WildCare

It’s July and WildCare’s Birdroom is full of baby songbirds like these Black Phoebes (above) who fell from their nest and needed immediate care. You can help! These young birds are fed every 30 minutes from dawn until dusk. That’s … Continued

Funny Blue-eyed Baby Crows

How do you teach a baby crow to feed himself? One of the most important jobs we have at WildCare is to teach the orphaned wild babies that are in our care the skills they’ll need to survive in the … Continued

Baby Squirrel with a Broken Leg

This young Western Gray Squirrel fell from his nest and then was caught by a dog. He arrived at the Wildlife Hospital with a severely broken leg. In the photo below, the young squirrel’s leg is immobilized in a plastic … Continued

Baby White-tailed Kites

As you know, at this time of year WildCare’s Raptor Rescue and Reunite team is kept busy putting fallen baby raptors back in their nests. You can help! Most of the time our reunite efforts are wonderfully successful and nest … Continued

This Tiny Fawn Needed Help!

Sometimes it is a very odd circumstance that brings an injured or orphaned animal into WildCare’s Wildlife Hospital. In the case of this Black-tailed Deer fawn, a man who didn’t speak English walked up to a Marin County Parks Ranger … Continued

Baby Great Horned Owl

‘Tis the season for baby raptors! Every May and June, WildCare’s Wildlife Hospital and our raptor reunite volunteers are kept busy with fluffy, fallen baby birds of prey. You can help! If they’re healthy and uninjured from their fall from … Continued