Adult Squirrels in Care at WildCare

The modern world is a challenging place to be a wild animal. These squirrels’ stories illustrate the hazards an animal must navigate on a daily basis to get food, find shelter and simply survive. In January alone, WildCare has admitted … Continued

This Sparrow Needed to Be Rescued Twice!

White-crowned Sparrows are hardy little migrants that can be commonly seen in backyards across the United States. With distinctive white and black stripes on their heads, they’re easy to identify as they hop through your yard looking for seeds, berries … Continued

Skunk Stuck in Bait Box

Watch WildCare’s veterinarian, Dr. Sorem cut the skunk free from the plastic bait box trapping her head! Trouble viewing the video? Click here to watch it on WildCare’s YouTube channel. In WildCare’s Wildlife Hospital we see animals with their heads … Continued

Cackling Geese at WildCare

Unusual geese get a second chance at WildCare When a rescuer said that the Canada Goose she’d found had been hit and rolled by not just one but two cars, WildCare Medical Staff knew to expect a large bird, probably … Continued

Red Crossbill at WildCare

When WildCare Medical Staff wraps a songbird’s injured wing, they don’t generally expect to come back the next day and find the wrap scissored to pieces. But that’s what happened with this Red Crossbill! The unique scissor bill is specially … Continued

Help Migratory Songbirds

Did you know that windows and domestic cats are the number one killers of songbirds? WildCare recommends keeping cats indoors for their safety and the safety of the birds. For more information on keeping your cat healthy and happy indoors, … Continued

Orphaned Baby Opossums in October

The baby Virginia Opossum in the video above came to WildCare after a very traumatic experience. At this age, she and her siblings would have been riding on their mother’s back, learning the ways of the world while mom foraged … Continued