Keep Halloween Safe for Wildlife

The horror of entanglement Every year WildCare’s Wildlife Hospital treats dozens of patients for entanglement injuries. Some of the entanglements are Halloween-related, like the little Screech Owl caught in fake spiderweb decorations a few years ago, and at this time … Continued

Tired Raptors Falling from the Skies

Migrating raptors are dropping out of the skies! Every October, WildCare’s Wildlife Hospital admits at least a dozen first-year hawks that aren’t quite strong enough to handle their migrations. Help us care for the beautiful birds that desperately need our … Continued

Migratory Songbirds at WildCare

It has been a busy past few weeks in WildCare’s Birdroom! Songbird migration seasons in the spring and the fall always bring an uptick of colorful Wildlife Hospital patients, but this year has been particularly busy. Most of our current … Continued

Late-Season Baby Opossums and Squirrels

Normally at WildCare, summer’s wildlife “baby season” should be finished by now. But just this week we’ve admitted three eyes-closed baby squirrels and the tiny baby opossums to the right! Help us care for the young animals still arriving and … Continued

Baby Jackrabbit Found on the Trail

Watch our baby jackrabbit getting her morning feeding! This little hare chooses an unusual position for her feedings with her head back. She’s not being restrained– this is how she likes to eat! What would you do if you came … Continued

Baby Raccoons All Grown Up!

You may remember the tiny orphaned baby raccoons (including the little one in the photo to the right) that we featured in July of this year. Click here to read their story! They’re all grown up and they returned to … Continued

What’s Happening in YOUR Yard?

Late summer means a surge in calls to WildCare’s Living with Wildlife Hotline, and three of the most common questions involve raccoons, foxes and crows. 1. Raccoons are tearing up my lawn! Why is this happening, and what can I … Continued

Fixing a Great Horned Owl’s Feathers

 The video above shows the whole procedure speeded up significantly. Scroll down for a slower version   Badly damaged flight feathers are a death sentence for bird like this Great Horned Owl. If he couldn’t fly or hunt, this … Continued

Don’t Give Me That Line!

The Dangers of Fishing Line to Wildlife Among the most heartbreaking wildlife cases we see in WildCare’s Wildlife Hospital are those that could easily have been prevented. Prime examples of such preventable suffering are those patients that have become tangled … Continued

Great Blue Heron Tangled in Fishing Line

Fishing line and hooks would have killed this Great Blue Heron Every day, WildCare’s Wildlife Hospital sees the dangers of improperly disposed-of fishing line and tackle. Located as we are in Marin County, many of our patients are denizens of … Continued