Baby Squirrels at WildCare

WildCare currently has 69 orphaned baby squirrels in care. That number is up from 55 babies in care last week. They just keep coming in! Each of these babies needs very specialized care. In the videos on this page you’ll … Continued

Summer is Rattlesnake Season

Summer is Rattlesnake Season This rattlesnake came to WildCare tangled in garden netting. Watch Medical Staff untangle him and give him an antiseptic bath to start his path to healing. Remember these are trained professionals… don’t try to handle a … Continued

Two Big Fawns, One Big Day

Click here to learn how to tell if a fawn needs help! When someone calls WildCare’s Hotline (415-456-7283) and says they have a fawn in distress, one of our first questions is whether the young deer still has a fawn’s … Continued

Happy Father’s Day!

 WildCare supporter Eileen sent this wonderful video of coyote pups playing on her back deck. Mom, dad and the entire extended coyote family work hard to raise healthy pups like these! Who’s the Best Dad? All the wonderful human … Continued

Whoooo’s That Angry Bird?

Whoooo’s that angry bird? This fluffy Great Horned Owlet may have grown up in a nest above a playground, but his experience was anything but fun! When he hopped out of his nest, he fell directly into the mouth of … Continued

Opossum Mama and Family

 In the video above you can see the mother opossum foraging for food with her whole family, including the two white siblings on board! You can tell that all those babies are heavy, and keep an eye out for … Continued

How to Help Fawns This Spring

Every spring WildCare admits a number of animals, usually fawns and baby jackrabbits, that have been “kidnapped” by well-meaning people who found them alone and assumed they needed help. In fact, one in five of the fawns brought to WildCare … Continued

Surgery Saves Black-crowned Night Heron

The note by WildCare’s Veterinarian in the medical record of this Black-crowned Night Heron read “Fracture appears that it may be amenable to surgical repair” despite “significant cranial-proximal displacement of [bone] fragment and extensive soft-tissue swelling.” This was good news … Continued