WildCare Education Program Scholarships

Current year FRPM figures

On a nature hike with WildCare. Photo by Tory RussellIf your school participates in the Free or Reduced Price Meal program (FRPM), your class automatically qualifies for a scholarship that matches the percentage of the student body that is eligible for FRPM.  

For example, if 80% of the students at your school are eligible for FRPM, then any class at your school qualifies for an 80% scholarship for any WildCare Education Program fee.

If your class needs more financial assistance than the automatic amount awarded, we will do our best to accommodate.

(The FRPM figure can be found by clicking here and selecting the FRPM School-Level Data tab.)

To apply for a scholarship, go to the program’s link below and complete the required information.

Click to request a Wildlife Ambassador Program at your site.

Click to request a Nature Van Program at your site.

Click to request a Nature Hike at one of our hiking locations.

Click to request a Center Tour.

Questions? Please contact Eileen Jones at 415-453-1000 x12 or eileen@discoverwildcare.org.

Click here if you are looking for information on individual scholarships for WildCare Nature Camp.