WildCare Education Program Scholarships

Current year FRPM figures

On a nature hike with WildCare. Photo by Tory RussellIf your school participates in the Free or Reduced Price Meal program (FRPM), your class is eligible for a scholarship that matches the percentage of the student body that is eligible for FRPM.  

For example, if 80% of the students at your school are eligible for FRPM, then any class at your school qualifies for an 80% scholarship for any WildCare Education Program fee.

Scholarships are limited and are based on need.

The FRPM figure can be found by clicking here and selecting the FRPM School-Level Data tab.

To apply for a scholarship, go to the program’s link below and complete the required information.

Click to request a Wildlife Ambassador Program at your site.

Click to request a Nature Van Program at your site.

Click to request a Nature Hike at one of our hiking locations.

Click to request a Center Tour.

Questions? Please contact Eileen Jones at 415-453-1000 x12 or eileen@discoverwildcare.org.

Click here if you are looking for information on individual scholarships for WildCare Nature Camp.

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