2015 Living with Wildlife Photography Contest Winners

Congratulations to our winners! This year’s contest received over 200 spectacular entries, all of them showcasing the amazing wildlife and beauty of California.

Below are the judged best photographs in each category.

Thank you to this year’s wonderful and hard-working volunteer Photography Contest judges, Erin Lubin, Marian Eschen and Melanie Piazza.

Click each image to see a larger version!

Autumn Jackrabbit. Photo by Joyce Bowes

Best in Show

Autumn Jackrabbit
Joyce Bowes

Best California Birds

Best General Nature

Bluebird Bathing. Photo by Mary Sheft

Seafoam bubbles on kelp. Photo by Angela Neal Grove

Bluebird Bathing
Mary Sheft

Seafoam Bubbles on Kelp
Angela Neal Grove

Best California Animals (Other)

Best Living with Wildlife

Garen Snail. Photo by Chris Whittier

Egret and Bicyclist. Photo by Mary Sheft


Garden Snail
Chris Whittier

Egret and Bicyclist
Mary Sheft

People’s Choice Award

Four Baby Skunks in the Back Yard. Photo by Greg Wilson

Four Baby Skunks in the Back Yard
Greg Wilson

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