Congratulations to our winners in WildCare’s 2018 Living with Wildlife Photography Contest!


Best in Show

Male American Kestrel Offering Lizard to Female. Photo by Rick Lewis


People’s Choice Award Winner

Female Raven with Plant Down. Photo by Martha Ture


Best Wild Animals (Other) In Their Natural Settings

Squirrel (Golden Gate Park) Photo by Mark Decker


Best Living with Wildlife

Raccoon Release. Photo by Jessica Schmid


Best General Nature

“Ant Trails” on Log. Photo by Robert Phares


Best Wild Birds in Their Natural Settings

Least Bittern in Reeds. Photo by Rick Lewis


Below are the judged top five finalist photos in each category in this year’s contest. Click each image to see a larger version.

Thank you to our hard-working judges, Randall Bryett, Mary D’Agostino, Evan Jane Kriss, Kate Lynch and Kate Van Gytenbeek.

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About WildCare’s Living with Wildlife Photography Contest

Two Barn Owls. Photo by Gary Walter
Photo by Gary Walter

Entry Categories:

1. California Wild Birds in Their Natural Settings

2. California Wild Animals (Other) (mammals, reptiles, amphibians, insects etc.) in Their Natural Settings

3. California General Nature (plants, landscapes, geology, natural phenomena)

4. Living with Wildlife Animal Interaction Shots (California wild animals (birds, mammals, reptiles etc.) in human contexts and environments)

Official Photography Contest Rules

Coyote in Rear-view Mirror. Photo by Tony Koloski
Photo by Tony Koloski

The Prize for the Best in Show photograph will be $500 and your photograph featured in WildCare’s Newsletter.

Prizes will also be given for the best photograph in each category and for a People’s Choice Award to be determined by an online vote. Cash prizes made possible by a generous donor.

Following the contest, the top five photographs in each category will be included in an exhibition, details to be announced.

Enter online or by mail. Entry fees are $15 per photograph if accompanied by a printed proof. All entries must include a high-resolution printed proof no larger than 8.5″x11″. Online submissions are $20 which includes the $15 entry fee and $5 for a proof printed by WildCare.

Autumn Jackrabbit. Photo by Joyce Bowes
Photo by Joyce Bowes

Entry fees support WildCare’s programs including our Wildlife Hospital and our Nature Education programs. Your photos also help us advocate for and educate about the wild animals with which we share our environment. Entered photos will grace our website and printed materials, and may also be used to raise much-needed funds for our organization. Click for our Photography Contest Rules for more information..

Questions? Please contact Alison Hermance, Photography Contest Coordinator at or 415-453-1000 x24.