WildCare’s Family Nature Day
Honoring Elizabeth Terwilliger

WildCare’s second annual Family Nature Day in honor of Elizabeth Terwilliger was a great success!

More than 150 people attended the event on April 20, 2019. This was a great opportunity to celebrate Earth Day and learn about our local wildlife “Mrs. T-style!” This year we were joined by Marin County Open Space, One Tam’s Roving Ranger, The Marine Mammal Center and Marine Humane which enthralled visitors with their “Our Wild Neighbors” presentation.
Elizabeth Terwilliger, known best as Mrs. T, was an inspiration for generations of Marin County residents. Her multi-sensory approach to teaching children about nature engendered a lifelong love of the natural world, and a desire to protect it, in the hearts of thousands.

The children that went on outdoor excursions with Mrs. T have grown up to be the environmental advocates overseeing the protection of Bay Area wild lands today. Marin County is a better place thanks to Mrs. T, and both her legacy and her creative and compelling teaching methods live on at WildCare. This event was inaugurated in her honor, and will be held every spring!
What happened at WildCare’s Family Nature Day? People of all ages took naturalist-led hikes on the Terwilliger Trail where they saw a Dusky Footed Woodrat nest, Canada Geese, crows mobbing a Red-tailed Hawk, House Finches, a Western Fence Lizard, four different species of butterflies, and other species.

Kids of all ages participated in an aquatic study with net in Stafford Lake, discovering what lives just beneath the surface. Everyone enjoyed meeting WildCare’s non-releasable Wildlife Ambassadors, taking the Nature Scavenger Hunt Challenge and creating a frog life-cycle poster, it was a splendid day! See more photos from the event below.

See photos from our 2019 Family Nature Day