When you make your next gift to WildCare, consider donating stocks, bonds or mutual funds, a tax-wise alternative. WildCare accepts gifts of publicly traded stocks, bonds and mutual funds.

The entrance to WildCare's courtyard. Photo by Tory RussellIf you would like to make a gift of appreciated stock to WildCare, please contact Bob Kendall, Director of Finance at 415-453-1000 x34 or bobkendall@discoverwildcare.org.

Qualified Charitable Distributions

Contact your IRA custodian and let them know you would like to make a Qualified Charitable Distribution to WildCare. Learn more about Qualified Charitable Distributions here.

Make a Gift of Stock or Mutual Fund(s)

Click for the instructions below in a downloadable PDF.

The following transfers are covered by these instructions:

  • DTC or Electronic Transfer of Stock
  • Transfer of Mutual Fund(s)


Lupin. Photo by Chris WhittierDTC or Electronic transfer is the fastest and most secure method for donating securities.

It is a two-step process:

  • Please notify Bob Kendall at bobkendall@discoverwildcare.org with your intention to donate securities prior to initiating the transfer of securities to Wildcare
  • Our account is held at First Republic Securities Company LLC (FRSC). Prior notification is critical to identifying your gift of securities, as donor information does NOT transmit through the DTC system.
    1. Broker Instructions to deliver securities to our brokerage account at FRSC:

Deliver to: First Republic Securities Company LLC
DTC: 0443(Clearing through Pershing LLC)
For Further Credit to Account Number: 33L206787
Account Name: WILDCARE
{Donor Name-Year } or {Anonymous }

Mutual Fund Instructions

Terwilliger Environmental Award. Photo by Tory RussellPlease contact Mike Mancini or Gloria Wong at First Republic Securities Company at onlinebrokerage@firstrepublic.com

The following information is required:

Account Number
Share Quantity
Donor Name: {Donor Name-Year } or {Anonymous }
Financial Institution

Your donation will NOT be complete until you notify WildCare of your intent to donate securities, and until shares are received in the Wildcare First Republic Securities Company (FRSC) Brokerage account.

Contact Information

Please call Bob Kendall 415-453-1000 x34 to facilitate your gift or to ask questions. You may also reach him by email at bobkendall@discoverwildcare.org

As with any gift to WildCare, please consult your tax advisor for the exact tax benefits of your charitable contribution.