Name our new Wildlife Ambassadors in honor of a loved one!

WildCare is excited to welcome two new nonreleasable animals to our Courtyard— a beautiful adult American White Pelican and a delightful juvenile Brandt’s Cormorant!

These two birds recently transferred to WildCare from International Bird Rescue, where they were determined nonreleasable and eligible to become educational animals.

We are excited to offer you a unique opportunity to become part of the WildCare family by naming our new birds in honor of someone special!

How will it work? Although the naming contests for the two birds will be slightly different (see details below), in both cases you will submit a name that illustrates something educational about the bird. We’re looking for a name that honors the natural history of the bird’s species, or is based on the personal history of the animal. For example, our Northern Spotted Owl is named Sequoia, because her natural habitat is in redwood forests.

If you wish, you may include a designation in honor of a loved one, and this designation will become part of the bird’s identity at WildCare, with an acknowledgement to be placed at the pool bird enclosure in WildCare’s Courtyard in perpetuity.

This is a truly unique opportunity to do something very special for someone in your life who loves nature and birds, and to support WildCare and our educational Wildlife Ambassadors at the same time!

Each bird has a separate naming contest.

Name Our American White Pelican

The opportunity to name our new white pelican in honor of a loved one will be held by silent auction.

The highest bid will win, or the “buy it now” price is set at $10,000. Click here to submit your bid now!

Your donation will help feed our white pelican and our other Wildlife Ambassador animals!

Remember that you will be choosing a name for the white pelican that is both educational and appropriate. Then you may add a designation in honor of someone special.

Both the chosen educational name and the name of the person you’re honoring will be inscribed on a plaque that will be placed at our poolbird enclosure in WildCare’s Courtyard.

Name Our Brandt’s Cormorant

To choose our cormorant’s name, we are having a naming contest with a $10 entry fee.

Remember, your $10 entry fee will help feed our cormorant and our other Wildlife Ambassador animals!

Pay the entry fee, and then suggest a name, and, if you wish, indicate a designation in honor of someone special.

All the entered names will be judged by WildCare’s Education Department staff to determine the top five most appropriate choices.

Those five name choices will then be put to an online vote.

The winning name will be inscribed on a nameplate to be hung on the poolbird enclosure, including a designation “in honor of” someone special if the winner wishes.

Click to enter your suggested name(s) today!

The deadline to enter both naming contests is Thursday, January 31, 2019.

Then join us for the Big Name Reveal in WildCare’s Courtyard on Valentine’s Day!

Start your Valentine’s Day with a toast at WildCare!

Share the love with the newest Wildlife Ambassadors in our courtyard.

Featuring wine, light hors d’oeuvres, special Valentine’s treats, and amazing encounters with our Wildlife Ambassadors, it’s the perfect pre-date event, or it might just make your whole evening!

Event entry is FREE, but RSVP is required.

Click to RSVP for the Big Name Reveal event in WildCare’s Courtyard on February 14, 2019!