Donating Stocks, Bonds or Mutual Funds

Making a gift of appreciated securities is a simple and efficient way to give today and make a lasting impact for WildCare.

Click for the instructions below in a downloadable PDF.

You can initiate a DTC or Electronic Transfer of Stock or a Transfer of Mutual Funds, the two most secure methods of donating securities.

Free Online Stock Transfer Tool

We’ve partnered with FreeWill to help you make a gift of stock to WildCare with a free online tool. You can make your smartest donation to protect and advocate for our planet’s wildlife in under 10 minutes —  make a stock transfer gift here.


DTC or Electronic Transfer of Stock Instructions

To transfer stock, please follow these two steps:

  • Please notify Bob Kendall at with your intention to donate securities prior to initiating the transfer of securities to WildCare.
    Please Note: Prior notification is critical to identifying a gift of securities, as donor information is does NOT transmit through the DTS system.
  • Transfer the funds to our account held at First Republic Securities Company LLC (FRSC). Broker instructions include:

Deliver to: First Republic Securities Company, LLC
DTC: 0443 (Clearing through Pershing, LLC)
Further credit to account number: 33L206787
Account Name: WILDCARE
Reference: {Donor Name, Year} or {Anonymous}


Transfer of Mutual Funds Instructions

To transfer mutual funds, please follow these two steps:

When you contact them, please submit the following required information:

Account Number
Share Quantity

Donor Name: {Donor Name, Year} or {Anonymous}
Financial Institution

Please note that your donation will NOT be complete until you notify WildCare of your intent and until shares are received in the WildCare First Republic Securities Company (FSRC) Brokerage account.