Organize a Litter Clean-Up

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(Completed within one month of project approval)

Organize a clean-up of a local park, beach, or other natural space that you want to help protect. The clean-up must last a minimum of two hours, start to finish, or total at least two hours if held on multiple days or at multiple locations. Take photos of the trash that is collected, and answer some questions about the litter that you found. Create a flyer advertising your clean-up effort prior to the date of clean-up, and invite other community members, family and friends, or your classmates to join in the effort. This project will directly impact local wildlife through helping care for the natural space that they call home, providing for a clean and healthy living space. Must be completed within one month of project approval.

Project Steps and Guidelines

1. Complete the WildCare Jr. Volunteer application, and send it into WildCare. Scope out a local spot that you care about that is in need of a litter clean up (ex. park, beach or trail).

2. Once receiving official WildCare Volunteer Department approval, begin creating your flyers advertising the clean-up! Flyers need to include the following information:

  • Date and location of clean-up (is there a specific meeting spot?)
  • What, if anything, people need to bring to the clean-up (ex. work gloves, water, trash bags etc.)
  • What is the purpose of the clean-up? List some of the species that you are hoping to protect and how litter effects wildlife.
  • Can anyone participate?

3. Hang your flyers and get the word out about your event! Are you posting flyers around the neighborhood? At your school? At a church, community center or library? Remember to ask someone in charge before posting flyers on private property.

4. Make sure that YOU are prepared for the clean-up event that you are hosting! Do you have: water, work gloves, extra gloves, trash grabbers, extra trash bags, a container for recyclables, camera to take pictures?

5. Arrive early to your clean-up spot and set up your meeting spot or “home base” with anything that you brought (gloves, bags, a sign). Once other people arrive for the clean-up, make sure that everyone has bags, gloves, and knows what they are looking for. Remember: a lot of litter is SMALL, and even the small stuff can do damage! Remind everyone to be safe and not to pick up the following: glass, anything with sharp edges, rusty nails, medical waste (syringes, needles, empty pill bottles), or sealed containers that may contain hazardous substances. If you see any of these things, ask an adult for help!

6. Take pictures during your clean up, including one with the bag(s) of litter that you helped pick up. Make sure that all of the trash and recyclables make it to proper receptacles!

7. Remove flyers at the end of your event.

8. Volunteers must complete the Project Wrap-Up Question Sheet

9. A

9. Email the following to WildCare (

  • A photo of you during your clean-up, with either litter that you collected or your flyer. Please have your parent or guardian fill out and submit a photo permission form. If this is something that you or your parent are uncomfortable with, please let us know and your photo will not be posted onsite, on our website, in social media or in our printed newsletter.
  • Completed project verification sheet
  • Completed project wrap up questions (Jr. Volunteers must submit these materials in order to earn official WildCare recognition)