WildCare Patient Story

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(Completed within one month of application approval)

Write and illustrate a story (minimum of 2 pages) about an animal who came to WildCare as a patient, choosing from one of the patient articles shared on the WildCare website.

Share the patient story with your class in the form of a presentation, helping to spread awareness about a native creature that was injured and received help from WildCare.

Your project must be completed within 1 month of application approval.

Project Steps and Guidelines

1. Choose to write about one of the patients that has recently visited WildCare. Animals of all kinds visit WildCare for a wide variety of reasons, and are assigned a patient number when they arrive.

To learn about some of our patients, click here to read through the 9 patient charts provided.

2.Complete the WildCare Jr. Volunteer application

3. Upon receiving official WildCare Volunteer Department approval, begin writing your story!

Stories need to include the information below. The facts need to match those provided in the patient record about the animal of your choice, and can be combined with information that you learn from research about the animal.

Use your creativity about some of the details of the life of the individual animal. What was the animal doing before it was injured? Does it have any family? How did the patient get to WildCare? What is the animal doing now?

Required Information for each patient story:

  1. Tell us about the animal before it was injured. Where was it living? What kinds of foods was it eating? All information must be ecologically accurate!
  2. What happened to this animal that caused it to need to visit WildCare?
  3. How did that patient get to WildCare?
  4. What sort of treatment did this animal receive?
  5. Tell us about the animal now. Did it recover? Was it released or reunited?

Include at least one illustration of the animal in your story

4. In order to obtain accurate information on your chosen species, we strongly recommend visiting the library and checking out books (such as the ones listed below), or speaking with the librarian about how to find good resources. While you may know a lot about some of these animals, please do not simply draw on what you already know:

Examples of suggested books:

  • Animal by John Woodward
  • The Smithsonian Book of North American Mammals Contributors: Sue Ruff and Don Wilson
  • Mammals Contributors: Don Wilson and Juliet Clutton-Brock
  • Birds of North America Contributor: American Museum of Natural History
  • Birds of North America by Fred Alsop

http://www.sfbaywildlife.info/index.htm may be a helpful and accurate web resource

5. Share your WildCare Patient Story with your class through a presentation. Have your teacher fill out an evaluation form, in order to share feedback with you and with us! Click here for Teacher Evaluation Form.

This form MUST BE SUBMITTED in order to receive recognition for this volunteer project.

6. Volunteers must complete the Project Wrap-Up Questions

7. Email the following to WildCare (volunteer@discoverwildcare.org):

  • A photo with you and your poster. Photos may be posted electronically or physically at WildCare. Please have your parent or guardian fill out and submit a photo permission form. If this is something that you or your parent are uncomfortable with, please let us know and your photo will not be posted onsite, on our website, in social media or in our printed newsletter..
  • A copy of the completed Teacher Evaluation Form
  • Completed project wrap-up questions (Jr. Volunteers must submit these materials in order to earn official WildCare recognition)