WildCare Wishlist Drive

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(Completed within one month of application approval)

Hold a WildCare wishlist drive in your neighborhood, at your school, church, or other community organization, in order to help collect food and other supplies that are needed to help WildCare patients. Develop posters and/or flyers to advertise for their wishlist drive, list what items you are looking for (see list provided below), and have a place for people to bring the donated items. This will not only raise awareness of the work that WildCare’s Wildlife Hospital does for local animals, but will also directly impact the patients here. We ask that your Wishlist drive please be completed within one month of project approval.

Project Steps and Guidelines

1. Complete the WildCare Jr. Volunteer application

2. Once you have received official WildCare Volunteer  Department approval, begin creating your posters to advertise for your Wishlist drive!

On your flyers, make sure to include dates for your drive, the location and address of where people should bring items (or information on how you will collect items), and what items you are looking for.

Below are items that patients at WildCare need in order to heal and make their way back to the wild, and items that are used in the hospital by staff:

  • Heating pads WITHOUT the automatic shut off (heating pads must stay on all the time to keep our patients warm!)
  • Paper towels & boxes of facial tissues (eg Kleenex)
  • Regular fruit-flavored yogurt (no Yoplait please!)
  • Digital gram scales
  • Trader Joe’s or Adam’s All Natural Creamy Peanut Butter (NO sugar, salt or artificial sweeteners. Only these brands can be given to our animals.)
  • Towels and sheets, especially flannel
  • Eukanuba Kitten Chow
  • Wheat germ & cornmeal
  • Fresh fruit (esp. all berries, grapes, apples)
  • Fresh veggies (esp. broccoli, corn on the cob, romaine lettuce)
  • Nuts in the shell (esp. almonds, pine nuts, walnuts, pecans… NO peanuts, please)
  • Birdseed (esp. mixed seed, thistle, hulled sunflower seed)
  • Eggs
  • Live potted trees and large bushes
  • Natural foods (esp. acorns, persimmons, plums)
  • Pet bowls of all sizes and materials
  • Cut branches with leaves
  • Logs (rotting and/or fresh cut)
  • Hay, orchard grass
  • Bird baths
  • Hanging bird feeders
  • Office supplies (paper, pens, tape etc.)
  • Cleaning supplies

4. Hang your flyers and posters and begin collecting items! Please make sure that any perishable food items are kept cold, and that flyers are taken down after you have completed your drive. We cannot use any items that have gone bad or are past the expiration date.

5. Fill out the WildCare Jr. Volunteer Wishlist Project follow up questions.

6. Take down any remaining flyers from your Wishlist Drive.

7. Email the following to WildCare at volunteer@discoverwildcare.org:

  • A photo with you and your flyer or items collected. Photos may be posted electronically or physically at WildCare. Please have your parent or guardian fill out and submit a photo permission form. If this is something that you or your parent are uncomfortable with, please let us know and your photo will not be posted on the board, on the website or used in our newsletter.
  • Completed project verification sheet
  • Completed project follow up questions (Jr. Volunteers must submit these materials, in addition to the collected Wishlist items, in order to earn official WildCare recognition)

8. Arrange with the WildCare Volunteer Department a time to bring in the items that you have collected by emailing volunteer@discoverwildcare.org. Bring the items to WildCare, located at: 76 Albert Park Ln. in San Rafael