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Family of American Robins
 Both Mom and Dad American Robin work together to raise their nestlings. Click to learn more about how orphaned songbirds are cared for in WildCare’s Birdroom, and see VIDEO of our babies in care!  

Celebrating Feathered Fathers (and Dads Everywhere!)

In WildCare’s Birdroom, we often say that we’re stepping in as “Mom” to feed the 800 – 1,000 orphaned baby birds our Wildlife Hospital admits every year.

But really, we’re stepping in as Mom AND as Dad!

Songbirds hatch from their eggs naked, featherless and absolutely helpless. Without the efforts of both mother and father birds, tiny baby songbirds wouldn’t survive.

At WildCare, we feed all those hungry gaping mouths as many as 15 times a day, and it’s exhausting. And we don’t even have to take wing and catch bugs to keep them fed!

This Father’s Day, we want to send a hearty salute to hard-working Dads everywhere (mammal and bird alike!), and offer you the chance to celebrate the Dads in your life!

Click here to donate to WildCare’s 5 for 15 campaign to help us feed our hungry baby birds, and then send a beautiful eCard to the wonderful Dads in your life, sharing a photo of a handsome feathered Dad at work!

Male Western Bluebird. Photo by Greg Wilson Swallow Feeding. Photo by Christine Hansen Quail Fluffing Feathers. Photo by Christine Hansen
Western Bluebird bringing a tasty snack.
Photo by Greg Wilson
Violet-green Swallow feeding his baby.
Photo by Christine Hansen
California Quail guarding his young.
Photo by Christine Hansen
Donate and send this photo! Donate and send this photo! Donate and send this photo!

Celebrate Dad by donating $5 for 15!

Please support “5 for 15” today by making a gift in any increment of $5 to help us provide at least one day’s worth of meals for a baby bird!

Your gift will make an immediate difference for our tiniest (and hungriest!) patients!

Donate now and send a handsome eCard!


Donate $5 for 15!